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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cholesterol

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cholesterol

As we all know, cholesterol is a waxy and fat-like substance that helps protect the nerves, make cell tissues, and produce certain hormones in the body. But, a high-level of cholesterol is very unhealthy and can cause negative effects on our bodies. Here at Fair Medical Services LLC, a trusted primary care doctor in Hamilton, New Jersey, we give you some ways to improve cholesterol levels with healthier lifestyle changes.

  • Eat heart-healthy diet fat.

    Instead of sweets and unhealthy choices of food, try to switch it to eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, since these are naturally known to be low in fat. Pick good fats over the bad ones, avoid using butter, coconut, palm oil, saturated fat, and animal fats in meat. It is better to ask our family physician to know more about healthier choices.

  • Get a regular doctor’s appointment.

    Often times, people don’t know if they have high cholesterol unless they feel symptoms or visit a doctor. If you have a known family history of heart disease, it is better for you to visit our medical clinic and have you checked up.

The staff in our preventive medicine in New Jersey are always open to answer your concerns. If you wish to know more, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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