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Natural Anti-Aging Secrets Found in the Kitchen

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets Found in the Kitchen

Fighting against the effects of aging doesn’t have to be very costly. There are many natural solutions you can just find in the kitchen but which you may have not known about. A Primary Care Doctor in Hamilton, New Jersey lists the following alternates to your wrinkle cream:

  • Green tea
    Aside from weight loss, green tea is also rich in antioxidants called EGCG that carries the anti-aging properties. Brew the tea on medium heat, warm it, soak on it a face cloth, and place over your eyes. The heat will open up pores and the anti-aging properties itself deflate bags under the eyes while treating the rest of your face as well.
  • Ginger
    The antioxidant in ginger called gingerol protects your skin from collagen breakdown. Preventive Medicine in New Jersey recommends that you start your day with a cup of hot drink made of shredded ginger and tiny drops of honey.
  • Banana
    Not only does it help you keep a good mood or fill you up at breakfast, but it can also boost collagen production known to delay the effects of skin aging. If you want to make it a face mask, take a ripe banana and mix it with honey. Apply on the face, let dry, and wash off with warm water. You’ll notice the tightness of the skin in 4 weeks.

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