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Unhealthy Habits That Make You Age Faster

Unhealthy Habits That Make You Age Faster

As much as you want to look younger and stay that way longer, there are some habits you may be unaware of and you may to be continue doing. How you will look and feel when you get older largely depends on the lifestyle you have way back in your youth. How you’ve lived early on dictates how your later years will be like. A Primary Care Doctor in Hamilton, New Jersey can identify the major culprits that speed up the aging process.

Some unhealthy habits that make you age faster are:

  • Smoking

    It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. Aside from it shortening the life of smokers, it can also affect their looks as it breaks down the skin’s elasticity. Aside from that, crash dieting remains an unsuspected factor in making you feel older by reducing your energy levels. It can also literally cause wrinkles and sagging as the skin may not have enough time to adjust to the drastic weight loss. Lack of sleep plays a role, too, as it can lead to weight gain and drag of health. If you have serious sleeping problems, don’t hesitate to call a Family Physician.

  • Not Eating Fruits and Vegetables

    If you want the glow of healthy skin, skipping fruits and vegetables is a no-no. Also, be sure your diet includes fish with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, as well as plenty of fiber from whole grains.

Holding on to grudges, being stressed, and being physically inactive are some of the factors too.

These, among others, are aging-expediting habits that you should avoid, according to experts from a clinic that specializes in Preventive Medicine in New Jersey.

Fair Medical Services LLC is here to help you stay on top of your health and stay young over the years!

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