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Why Sweets Can Make You Look Older

Why Sweets Can Make You Look Older

Admit it, we all want to look good and young as much as possible. While craving for sweets can equate to having child-like appetite, turns out having a sweet tooth is not the fountain of youth after all! Unfortunately, all that dessert, candies, and other goodies you snuck in your room or on the kitchen might just be doing the opposite. As a clinic that specializes in Preventive Medicine in New Jersey, let us explain the link between sugar and aging.

When asked whether sugar can quicken the onset of aging, a Primary Care Doctor in Hamilton, New Jersey answers a resounding yes. It may be tragic news for all whose soft spot is sweets but slowly removing sugar from our diet will benefit us in the long run. Sugar impacts the body internally and externally, thus, aging us in many ways.

To understand it better, recall peeling a banana. Ever observed that it gets brown after 24-48 hours? It is because that banana reacted with proteins which resulted in a cross-linking and the browning of color (browning reaction). Our bodies react the same. Unknowingly, by keeping on devouring sweets, we already are browning from the inside out. Later on, we experience increased acne, the appearance of wrinkles, sagging neck and chin, development of dark spots, and more.

Though aging is part of growing older, sugar accelerates the process. As a Family Physician, we aspire that every family we serve to stay healthy and young in and out. Let Fair Medical Services LLC be your healthcare partner today!

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